About the Artist

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Above, Philip hand-planing the beginning of a table top.
For 40 years, Philip Andrews has been designing and hand-crafting fine country furniture. Philip's grandfather and father were both carpenters, which allowed him to begin woodworking by age 11.  By the time he was a teenager, his talent became clear. 


Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide high quality custom furniture and complete customer satisfaction.  To us, customer satisfaction is delivering to you the exact piece of furniture you envisioned for your home upon ordering, giving you the custom design of your dreams. We also aim to create country furniture reproductions from the 1700s and 1800s to compliment and enhance today's lifestyles and needs.  Our pieces are designed using historical woodworking techniques creating durable, utilitarian and aesthetic furniture to last a lifetime.  Our hope is for you to use, enjoy and appreciate your custom furniture for years to come.

Our Employees

Philip Andrews Country Furniture is a family run business.  Philip Andrews conducts customer consultations, and designs and creates every custom piece of furniture.  His wife, Gail, is the office manager and bookkeeper. His daughter, Carmen, works as a woodworking assistant and manages marketing communications.

Our Company

Philip Andrews Designer and Maker of Country Furniture has been going strong for over 40 years.  Creating custom pieces for our customers makes every day different.  Thank you!


Philip Andrews Designer and Maker of Country Furniture
 * RR 2 Box 658* Gillett, PA * USA * 16925